“My intention as a designer is to raise the love quotient in the heart of the woman standing before me. At the end of the day, every day, her happiness is my own.”




Up an unassuming flight of stairs awaits bridal bliss - the boutique experience you’ve always imagined, with customer service beyond what you ever could have dreamt! At Shareen Bridal, you are never made to feel like everyone else. For the duration of your appointment you have undivided attention and the entire showroom of her beautiful designs at your disposal. 

Shareen’s designs exist in the space between bygone eras and distinctly modern aesthetics. Your dress is the fulfillment of your unique vision, and yet simultaneously timeless, speaking to generations of love that have come before. 

The process of choosing your wedding gown is a true collaboration between your vision and Shareen’s innate understanding of your specific body and style. Choose one of Shareen’s gorgeous designs at a range of accessible prices, or collaborate on a dress that realizes your every bridal imagining. Find the dress that speaks to you and you alone, and with Shareen’s made-to-order process, know that your dress is just as special as your commitment. 


“To choose to marry someone is a triumph over fear, a triumph over self. You actually marry a joint purpose, and that purpose is to know love better.”